About Us

Our Foundation

Herb Vapes was inspired by and founded on the idea that a business should be grown from the ground up to embody the highest principles of customer service, quality selection and delivery, within a streamlined value model that provides clients with the best prices available.

Herb Vapes was formed upon 3 initiatives that have molded every process and function of this company, and will continue to guide us as we grow.

  • Increase Value for Clients -  Herb Vapes clients receive more value from their purchases when shopping with us, due to the careful planning we have done when forming this business. Every process from product research and acquisition, to our sales platform, straight through to delivery at your door has been carefully considered and streamlined to generate considerable savings on the typical cost of doing business. These savings through efficiency are passed on directly to our clients in the form of included services, faster deliveries and lower prices. 
  • Elevate Client Experience  -  Herb Vapes provides all the services other companies do, but we take it a step further by offering extra services like 24/7/365 support and free North American shipping. We have carefully examined what we would consider to be the best possible shopping experience, and have successfully built our service model and processes accordingly. 
  • Client Focused  -  As our business grows, we will continue to find efficiencies in our processes and negotiate the best rates for the products we buy. The savings will always be passed directly to our clients in the form of increased services, faster delivery times and lower prices.